Welcome to NewHope2008, a non-profit organization dedicated to helping poverty stricken families and children
by providing food, shelter, and educational support.

NewHope2008 chào đón quí vị.  Chúng tôi là một tổ chức bất vụ lợi với mục đích cung cấp thực phẩm,
nơi trú ngụ và yểm trợ giáo dục cho các gia đình và trẻ em nghèo khó.

<Đọc Tiếng Việt xin bấm vào đây> 

June 7th, 2019

Dear friends
This is an update to our Bicycle and Notebook projects.  We are done distributing and have posted the report and pictures to our website:
There is a minor change to the total funds reported in the last email for these projects because we had received a few more donations at closing.   The new total is $8760.   Attached please find the updated financial report at the end of this email. Our next  project is the Scholarship project.  This project will be carried out in mid August.   We are collecting now and hoping to raise 20,000 to cover for both current and incoming students.  
We also have one more news to announce.  We are planning to gradually scale down our organization.  Our volunteers in Vietnam are getting tired and so are our staff here.  We will have to discontinue some projects or to do them in alternating years in order to keep the workload manageable.   We cannot keep up with our current 5 annual projects (Rice, Notebook, Bicycle, Scholarship, Elderly/Sickly/Disabled) and 3 year-round projects (Buiding houses, wells, special projects).

The two remaining projects for this year, Elderly, and Rice will be carried out as usual.  The people from Daklak have requested for help with Rice this year.  They said due to bad weather,  their rice's harvest will be way below expectation.   We will be collecting for the Elderly and Rice projects beginning September 1st.

Funding To Date
Summary of Expense:
Cost for 101 bicycles:  $60 each * 101 = 6060
Cost of 9280 5-line notebooks(100 pages): .20 ea * 9280 = 1856
Cost of 1600 4-line notebooks (200 pages): .38 ea * 1600 = 608
Transportation/Delivery cost: 266
Total expense: 6060 + 1856 + 608 + 266 = 8790
Account  Balance: 0
Total students awarded  4-line notebooks: 160
Total students awarded 5-line notebooks: 928
Total students awarded bicycles: 101